They told us!

They referred to us!

They stigmatized us!

That we were, and that we are still the third world nations.

Africa! Ponder over saddened history,

Ruminate over your lost cultural value systems,

Your traditional institutions were disrespected, used, exploited and dumped.

Africa! Ponder over your besmeared identity,

Motherland Africa, several decades after gaining independence,

You are still being tagged us as an under-achiever amongst your equals.

What about your uncertain future?

Think about the destiny of your unborn kids?

Tell me what will be left for them?


The time is now!

The time to rise up is now!

Amidst your backwardness,

Amidst your various crisis, amidst your glaring level of under-development,

Despite your high rate of poverty,

It is time to war against all these challenges.

Together, we will war against deficiency,

Together, we will fight against our economic crisis,

Prepare your Arsenal, we are going to war against under-development.

Motherland Africa,

Let me provoke you to war!

You need to hear this,

After several decades of gaining independence,

You have not gained common food independence,

You still depend on your takers for daily sustenance,

Oh No!

Prepare your Arsenal, prepare, prepare, prepare!

We must fight against hunger in our land.

But before we go into war,

Here is another eye opener for you,

My dear partner in this ideological war of liberty,

Let us do a comparative analysis here,

Remember the Asian Tigers (Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan) were not endowed with natural and mineral resources as most African Nations, but guess what? Guess what?

These nations rose up to the task of fighting against their economic challenges by jointly blazing a trail for a sustainable economic growth tailored towards their full industrialization few decades after gaining independence.

The economic development experience of these Asian Tigers is what I call; “from Independence to Industrialization”.

These nations maximized their comparative advantages in order to become the economic giant of East Asia.

Remember the Taiwan Miracle!

Taiwan is now a fully industrialized nation after scaling through distinct stages of economic growth.

Oh Motherland Africa,

Remember the South Korean History!

She is now the major player in the field of electronics production, mover and shaker in the sector of Information and Communication Technology, Automobile productions and other allied services.

That is her comparative advantage!

East Africa, West Africa, North Africa, South Africa and Central Africa, tell me now! What are your comparative advantages?

Here is another strategy to fight this war! African nations, Arise! It is time to maximize our distinct comparative advantages to for the advancement of our Motherland Africa.

Oh! Motherland Africa!

Remember the City State of Hong Kong!

She is now the Asian Giant in offering trade and financial services.

That is her comparative advantage.

Oh ye African Nations, what are you waiting for?

It is time to fight against our economic challenges.

But wait, wait, wait!!!

Before we go into this developmental war, let us consider the City State of Singapore.

In case you don’t know,

Singapore moved to the final phase of development by the fulfillment of Stamford Raffle’s original vision for Singapore as the trade and financial hub of South-East Asia.

Hmmm! Just one man! hmmm! Just one man’s vision made a whole nation to experience a paradigm shift from being an under-developed one to a fully advanced nation.

Just one man!

Most African Nations need only just one man, I mean just one visionary leader to take the people to the aspired destination. Just one man to lead the war against under-development in our land.

Can you feel my pain? Can you feel the present state of my emotional destabilization?

Just one leader!

Just a visionary leader’s ideology,

Just one futuristic leader’s economic development policy sustainably developed Singapore for decades.

So! why not Africa?

We must go into war right now!

We are about to fight against our numerous challenges,

Prepare your Arsenal,

But before we go into war, let me provoke you; let me provoke you to war.

Permit me to remind you the story of some of the tiger cubs, that is, Malaysia and Thailand.

Few decades ago,

They were also called names,

I mean, they were referred to as under-developed nations,

But they went into battle,

They fought, they fought, and they fought.

They fought against their shames, they fought against their poverty, they strived against their wailing under-development by discovering, by exploring, by exploiting and by maximizing their comparative advantages in Agricultural practices. Thailand focused on large scale production of rice as a competitive agro-export product, while Malaysia focused on the massive production of palm oil as an agro-export product.

Africa! Africa! Africa, to strategically fight the war against hunger in our land, we shall be replicating some of the tested solutions that stimulated the economic success of the Tiger cubs in our land. That is, Agricultural Revolution!

Here is another call of duty!

African Union! Arise!

You need to also join us in this battle.

Let us jointly save the black nations from the edge of collapse,

We must war against racism and ethnical discrimination in our land.

We say NO to Xenophobia!

Brothers don’t kill brothers!

Brothers don’t leave brothers!

Africa Nations, we are blood, we are one!

Let us embrace peace, love and unity for the advancement of our continent. The African diversity should be a blessing and not a drawback.

Therefore, Africa Union! Arise!

Rise up to the task of instrumentalizing, implementing and enforcing an effective alien policy in Africa.

In a simpler term;

If a group of dwellers migrate from the North Africa to the South or from the East to the West Africa, what shall be their inalienable social, political and economic rights and benefits? For how long will such stigmatized aliens dwell in the foreign land to be entitled to their inalienable rights accorded with due socio-political benefits?

The reformed African Alien Policy must be clearly defined, constitutionalized and enforced if the African nations will productively work together in actualizing a self-reliant economy for an improved standard of living.

Africa nations shall no longer be termed as under achievers in the 17 Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, only if the people can peacefully coexist together while at the same time maximizing their diverse comparative advantages for a sustainable development.

African Leaders, African Youths, Captains of Industries, Stakeholders, Private Investors and Foreign Direct Investors, you all need to prepare your Arsenal right away to engage in this developmental war against Africa’s under-development.

We must jointly war against the wailing under development in our lands, we must war against skin discrimination, it is time to war against hate speeches, we must fight against xenophobia, this is the pathway to develop the African economy and to actualize the goals of “The Africa We Want”. In reference to my maxim of national development; “if peace exists, all-round development is certain”.

Prepare! Prepare! Prepare your Arsenal.

We are ready to go to war now!

But before we go, let me remind you of the great exploits of our Founding Fathers; the Nationalists and the Pan-Africanists, I mean our trailblazers that selflessly fought for the sake of humanity.

Oh! I am so delighted in the developmental philosophy of Sankaraism; I mean the economic and national development policy of Thomas Sankara of Burkina Faso.

The likes of Nelson Mandela of South Africa,

Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana,

The likes of the Nigerian Nationalists and other reputable African Leaders.

Just one man is needed,

Just one Revolutionalist,

Just one Transformationist,

Just one visionary leader is needed to fight the war against under-development and take the people to the aspired greener pasture.

“The examples of the Asian Tigers show us an alternative path to development; a strong central government guiding the economy forward through several distinct stages of development until it reaches full industrialization”.

Motherland Africa!

Prepare your Arsenal, we are going to war, we must war against under-development problems in our land.

The task is hanging on us like a sword of Damocles.

They gave us independence several decades ago, but we are still having some iota of neo-colonialism in our land.

We still import petty and cheap consumable products like biro from France, Rice from Thailand and most annoyingly importing the likes of toothpicks from China.

Oh No! How did we get to this point?

A sober reflection of the past,

A deeper thought about the present,

And a foresight into the future.

We are on the way to the battlefield; here is another ideological strategy to engage in this developmental war – The 4 cardinal targets;

  1. Agricultural revolution in Africa
  2. Democratization of Education in Africa
  3. Modern Manufacturing Technology in Africa
  4. Internet/Digital Revolution in Africa

The goals of these 4 cardinal targets will be actualized by adopting the former United State’s President Barrack Obama’s Techno-economic development policy – Advanced Manufacturing Partnership Programme. The special type of partnership between prominent research-oriented academic institutions ready to embark on productive research works with established firms ready to foster the phenomenon of technology transfer. The products of the research works by these educationists will be accorded with due capital mobilization scheme by these well-established industries for the purpose of converting the physical model of the research works into marketable and exportable products.

We need to act now!

Africa Arise!

Take your place!

Oh motherland Africa!

You were born!

Born to reign!

Born to win!

So rule your world!

You were made!

Made to reign!

Made to win!

So rule your world!

Arise! North Africa!

Arise! South Africa!

Arise! East Africa!

Arise! West Africa!

Central Africa! It is time to rise up!

God bless Motherland Africa.

Thank you for listening.

Written By Jawolusi Oluwaseun

Presented by the Representatives of Abia State, Kaduna State, Borno State, Akwa-Ibom State, Katsina State and Ekiti State in the Labour Room National Development Reality TV Show.

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