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Unveiling The Ned Policy Book: This Is Not Business As Usual

1. It should be noted that this is not a saleable book, rather, a personal development project which is a state-centric policy book – instrumentalized to foster a diversified socio-economic growth, in an attempt to improve the livelihood of the Ekiti people and extensively that of Nigerians. We are trying all doable means to reach out to the world on this developmental itinerary and to also persuade the jingoistic Ekiti Sons & Daughters to digest this literal work and in-turn take a responsibility of invigorating the long-awaited socio-economic revolution in their State.

2. Deo-Volente, “The New Ekiti Dream: 30 Years Socio-Economic Development Plan & The Labour Room Experiences” ® shall be publicly unveiled in a Grand Style on 30th June, 2018. No conformist launching event and no one is invited to come and launch the book with any finance. However, few printed copies shall be liberally given to few dignitaries, while also freely catalogued in the National Library of Nigeria for referencing and research works. “Print on Demand” method shall be adopted as an alternative mode of circulation to the target audience.

3. We have examined the Mao’s Little Red Book of China, and we have taken a glance at the economic development blueprints of the Asian Tigers. With respect to my inferred maxim of National Development, emblematic socio-economic development manuscripts are never being sold, rather, they are freely disseminated, and easy to get by the target audience. To this effect, the self-published NED Policy Book is NOT FOR SALE; an electronic version of the book shall be freely downloaded on the on 30th June, 2018, with a public license for free distribution in order to facilitate the transferability of the developmental dogma.

4. My Cabinet Members and my digital team are tactically synergizing on how to attain a daily traffic of at least 50,000 unique visits to the NED Book’s download page. Hence, an advertorial boulevard to showcase some Ekiti locally made products to the outside world by placing them as ads on that page. Evidentially, a practicable gesture towards actualizing the long-awaited industrial revolution in Nigeria is by promoting the consumption of our locally made products, rather than solely depending on imported ones for daily sustenance.

Note; CONTROVERSIAL adverts are NOT allowed on the New Ekiti Dream site, strictly for business purposes, state-centric brands promotion, advertising programmes and events, showcasing local content products, and other marketing other professional services.

My dear readers, kindly maximize this advertorial leverage to command a massive target audience’s attention to your business.

Unconventionally, you should be able to judge this liberalized book by its cover! Please, kindly help share this info until it gets to the right person in need of it.

By Jawolusi Oluwaseun Solomon
(The First Representative of Ekiti State in The Labour Room National Development Reality TV Show)

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