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Something Like The Google Station: I Saw It Coming, Though I Didn’t Know When

Amazingly, “Nigeria is the fifth country to launch Google Station, following India, Indonesia, Mexico and Thailand”.

“Free-to-air internet service for Nigerians”.

Reportedly, Nigerians and ISPs at designated locations in Lagos, Kaduna, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Enugu and Abuja are the foundational beneficiaries of this timely project.

You know! Noah sounded like a fool until the endless rainfall…

Coincidentally, this developmental aspiration was enumerated in my recently launched the #NewEkitiDream Policy Book – Specifically on page 44 on printed version and also on page 44 on its PDF version.

Ekiti get ready, we need to build our own “work station” regardless of this initial exclusion on the list of the Google Station. The jingoistic stake-holders in Ekiti need to collaborate to actualize this dream. How to get the realization of this dream is well-enumerated in the NED book.

Fidel Castro have said it all: “A true man does not seek the path where advantage lies, but rather, the path where duty lies, and this is the only practical man, whose dream of today will be the law of tomorrow…”

If you know, you know! There are lots more thrilling concepts tailored towards the progressivism of the Nigerian economy to be explored and discovered in the NED Book.

Freely download the NED Policy Book and read more @

Jawolusi Oluwaseun Solomon



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