The Labour Room Experiences



The Labour Room TV Show

The Nigerian Rebirth Project is a citizen’s driven project with a strong passion to actualize a new and superior Nigerian identity that will stimulate true and lasting humanity driven development. The just-concluded Labour Room National Development (60 days) Reality TV Show in 2017 is one of the several social tools through which the primary vision of the Rebirth Project is being achieved.

(Photo: Unveiling the Nigeria Rebirth Project in the Presidential Banquet Hall, Abuja, Nigeria – 2016)

This revolutionary initiative is a paradigm shift charting a course for the New Nigeria of our collective dreams. The distinctive Projects was officially inaugurated at an event held on 17th March 2016 at the Banquet hall of the Presidential Villa, unveiled by Her Excellency Aisha Muhammadu Buhari, the Vice President’s Wife, eighteen Governors’ Wives, sixty-three Ambassadors to Nigeria around the world, the Minister of Finance, among other notable dignitaries.


37 Youth Ambassadors were carefully selected from each Nigeria State, including the Federal Capital Territory with the aim to engage in a think-tank interaction to invent viable solutions that will save Nigeria from the dungeon of under-development.

Eventually, from September 17, 2017 – November 17, 2017, these thirty seven Labour Room Governors rightly maximized the strength in their diversity to redefine the true meaning of the Nigerian creed as laid down by her Founding Fathers – The Prime Nationalists.  The primary goal is to blaze a trail for ideas that can move their respective States forward, while also proffering solutions to curb different societal challenges.

Day and Night, they selflessly travailed in the Labour Room to birth a new nation – Nigeria. The resultant effect of their collective efforts will be serving as a catalyst to foster socio-economic development in Nigeria in due season.
During the course of their stay in the mansion, several invited guests, dignitaries, professionals, experts, political icons, movers and shakers, captains of industries and several other notable invitees were present in the mansion to ensure the well-grooming of these future leaders.



With respect to the impactful existence of the first Representative of Ekiti State in the Labour Room Mansion, for his personal development project, he gave birth to this long term economic development blueprint for his state.

It is my pleasure to once again introduce to you the NED Policy Book, titled; “The New Ekiti Dream: 30 Years Socio-Economic Development Plan & The Labour Room Experiences”.

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