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#Island2MainLandin2Minutes by #LagoseTrain is achievable in 2030.

#Island2MainLandin2Minutes by #LagoseTrain is achievable before 2030.

Here’s an innovative long-term project for the Lagos State Government in an attempt to proactively curb the wailing transportation challenges within the State, while also fostering the full-flowering of different business activities. By adopting the eco-friendly Electric Train Transport Systems in some designated areas of Lagos, the advantages are numerous; the likes of Zero CO2 emissions, safer/faster mode of transport, traffic bypass, environmental pollution eliminated and many others.

Hence, a call of duty to various jingoistic citizens that are committed to the development of the State. We don’t need to wait for the Government in order to actualize this Agenda2030. It is a common say that; “Government has no business in business”. Therefore, I will strongly recommend that the Lagos eTrain Systems should be privatized for a given period of time at the inception of the project. This entails the constructions of underground or overhead rail-tracks for the Lagos eTrain systems by the partnership between well-established firms, while toll fees and other commissions shall be strategized for their return on investments for a given period. Have down pat; the massive population is Lasgidi is a lucrative market for any venture to glow and blow!!!

Considering the endless quests for an alternative transport system in Lagos State; the right time to do something is NOW! I strongly believe that this goal is achievable by 2030 – regardless of any socio-political interference/instability; the people must ensure the sustainability of such a timely project for their mutual benefits.

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Eko o ni b’aje ooo!!!


Lagos e-Train Modeled by Jawolusi Oluwaseun Solomon ( @jawolusy )


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