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For the Public Presentation of the NETISM Book this November, kindly have a look at the Guest Speakers from the 6 geo-political zones of Nigeria.

#NETISM: “The Art of Digital Parenting” by Jawolusi Oluwaseun Solomon


Long-Term Plan: A systemic approach to a sustainable development in Nigeria

Lagos is undeniably one of the fastest developing cities in Nigeria. Earlier this week, during an inquisitive research of mine, i had a gaze at the Eko Atlantic City from the Oniru Beach, it was such an awesome project to have reclaimed such a wide land mass for a purposed smart city.

What about the different ongoing road constructions and road expansion projects in Lagos State just within the 3 years of the present State Government’s Administration? No wonder no one is complaining about Ambode. I need to note one of the major reasons for the massive infrastructural development in Lagos State: it can be traceable to the sequential actualization of a well-laid down economic and infrastructural development blueprint of the State, with respect to a refined political stability and the continuity of a developmental ideology. These factors have helped Lagos State to conquer the wailing issues of abandoned projects within the State.

Other Nigerian States battling with sustainable development need to learn a big lesson from Lagos State: a stable political atmosphere will naturally foster the actualization of a long-term socio-economic development blueprint, it will also create a favourable platform for businesses and investments to thrive through the times, leading to job creations and other dividends. “The examples of the Asian Tigers have clearly shown us an alternative path to development: A central government guiding the economy forward through distinct stages of development until a fully-developed economy is actualized”.

Also, Nigerians need to understand that the recurring political instability in the country is not healthy for a sustainable socio-economic development Agenda in Nigeria, hence, a need to strategically infinitesimalize every iota of nepotism in Nigeria’s leadership structure while also impeding every iota of myopicity in our various developmental agenda. State-builders must see this task as their timely contributions to national development.

In conclusion, I need to commend the brains behind the Eko Atlantic City, such developmental projects should be replicated in other States in Nigeria, most especially, massive industrialization, while such projects must be mandated for completion within the speculated period irrespective of the 4-4 years change in Governments, hence, a need to establish and/or revitalize the Capital Projects Execution & Monitoring Agency in each Nigerian States. Read more in the chapter1 of the NED Policy Book @ .

Jawolusi Oluwaseun Solomon

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