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The First Nigerian Green City




By Jawolusi Oluwaseun Solomon – @jawolusi



Oceanic Stadium for Sports Tourism

The JawoCeanic Stadium for Sports Tourism – Building a Virtual Smart City with AutoCAD. Alongside, Object-oriented Programmers can use these various 3D designs for interactive video games’ applications, the likes of GTA-Vice City, Konami, Play Stations, COD and others.











#NIGISL: Football is not a mere sporting activity


#NIGISL: Football is not a mere sporting activity – It is a viable tool for National Integration.

The Government at the centre has the constitutional obligation to instrumentalize programmes and policies tailored towards the national integration of all the diverse ethnic nationalities in Nigeria.

The ultimate goal of these National Integration principles is to create a sense of national consciousness among Nigerians while also uniting them together as one.

The NYSC programme, The principles of Federal Character, The Nigerian 6:3:3:4 Education System, The Nigerian Sporting Systems and other societal tools are strategies often deployed to synchronize all the diverse ethnic groups in Nigeria with the aim to maximize the strength in their diversity for the Nation’s prosperity.

In my oft-recited maxim of National Development, the foundational step towards the nation-building process is to invent or revitalize the feasible strategies of National Integration in Nigeria.

Taking Sport as a case Study, all the major ethnic groups in Nigeria are well-represented in the Nigerian Super Eagles Team.

    Nigerian won Iceland 2:0 @ #Russia2018

Practically, a Yoruba Man plays as a defender, an Igbo Man plays as a midfielder and a Hausa Man plays as a striker. All the sport-centric ethnic nationalities often work together with a high team-spirit to achieve a common goal. Whenever a goal is achieved, it doesn’t matter who scores it, rather, Nigeria wins, all the tribes celebrates together as one irrespective of their background, culture, belief, political ideology and regardless of their differences.

A clear result of a United Nigeria was recently portrayed (on 22/06/18) as the Nigerian Super Eagles won Iceland (2 : 0). The Nigerian representatives in the #Russia2018 World Cup made the Nation proud by collectively working together to achieve the common goal, yielding Nigerians at home and in the Diaspora the celebration of excellence.

Without much ado, there is a need to maintain the sustainability of this culture of excellence in the Nigerian Sports sector and relatively in other programmes established to foster the sense of National consciousness among Nigerians.

Relatively, all the ethnic groups in Nigeria must work together to stimulate a sustainable transformational agenda in the Nation, while also fostering the infinitesimalization of Nigeria’s recurring socio-economic challenges.

Most importantly, irrespective of the structural variation in our tribal differences, value systems, traditions, cultures and opinionated ideologies of the people, the Government at the centre must consistently maintain the peaceful coexistence of the diverse ethnic nationalities at the region by strengthening all the established National Integration programmes and policies.

Once again, congratulations to Nigeria for the recent victory.

Thank you.

Jawolusi Oluwaseun Solomon
( The Author of The New Ekiti Dream Initiative)

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