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The Green4Blue Initiative gained an International Recognition

This year, thousands of potential prospects across the globe submitted different competition components for the #WBGYouthSummit, themed; “Smarter Cities for a Resilient Future”. Sequel to the submission of my 4-page proposal, titled; “#Green4Blue Initiative (Green Tourism for a Blue Economy)” and with respect to my preceding proliferation of green revolution for global infrastructural shift, I eventually emerged the Nigerian Delegate for the World Bank Global Youth Summit 2019, although, ‘circumstantially’, I would not be participating in the ongoing Summit, slated for today and tomorrow.

The ultimate goal of the international discourse is to instrumentalize ideas and policies that would actualize the 13th Goal (Climate Action) of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals – with the ultimate aim to #SaveTheWorld from Global Warming effects and other climate-related hazards.
However, Deo-Volente, my competition component shall be the theme of my 5th book in 2020, which is the articulating of a Long-term Techno-Economic Development Framework for a Coastal Green City.

The GREEN4BLUE initiative is a Maritime-Green Tourism Project channeled towards the realization of the Paris Agreement Goals – as it is in-line with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

Under the Article 3, Paris Agreement (2015): “each country must determine, plan, and regularly report on the contribution that it undertakes to mitigate global warming”.

Find & follow the activities of the World Bank Global Youth Summit 2019 via the hashtags: #WGBYouthSummit #SmartCities #Cities4All.

Thank you.

Jawolusi Oluwaseun

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iDARTS CGC – Interactive Digital Art of a Coastal Green City

Unveiling the Interactive Digital Arts of a Coastal Green City @ iDARTS Page . The localized Web application can serve as an alternative for Google Maps.

The First Nigerian Green City




By Jawolusi Oluwaseun Solomon – @jawolusi



Tech-Arts by Jawolusy




Your heirs will see my Tech-Arts like a mirror on their home walls: they will be inspired to become Engineers, Inventors and Trailblazers…

Your employees will stare at my Infrastructural Arts on their offices’ walls: they will get motivated for optimized productivities…

Science-based students in various Academic institutions will intermittently gaze at my Tech-Arts like a mirror on their classes’ walls: they will be obliged to foster the phenomenon of ‘Technology Transfer’…

If i may ask!!! For how long shall we be slaves to the rising waves of global civilization?


Oceanic Stadium for Sports Tourism

The JawoCeanic Stadium for Sports Tourism – Building a Virtual Smart City with AutoCAD. Alongside, Object-oriented Programmers can use these various 3D designs for interactive video games’ applications, the likes of GTA-Vice City, Konami, Play Stations, COD and others.











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