Introducing the Nigeria Rebirth Project: a citizen-driven initiative with a strong passion to instrumentalise a superior Nigerian identity.

The Labour Room National Development Reality TV Show (which is the first of its kind in Africa) is one of the tools through which the organizational goals of the Rebirth Project are being actualized.

Eventually, for 60 days (17/09/17 to 17/11/17), 37 Youths’ Governing Ambassadors (from each State of the Nigerian Federation, including the FCT) were housed in a mansion while they were also watched on different Local and National TV Channels, while at the same time streamed on prominent online channels in order to reach out to larger audience at home and in the Diaspora.

These acclaimed Labour Room Governors rightly maximized the strength in their diversity for the advancement of the Nation by pragmatically engaging in think-tank interactions to birth viable ideas, policies and strategies that would blaze a trail for a sustainable socio-economic development in their respective States and in Nigeria at large.

As the first Representative of Ekiti State in this developmental programme, after travailing in the Labour Room for 60 days, I eventually landmarked this timely and long-lasting initiative, titled: “The New Ekiti Dream: 30 Years Socio-Economic Development Plan & The Labour Room Experiences”, structured towards the infinitesimalisation of Nigeria’s wailing challenges, while also fostering the National advancement.

The PET project is also supported with this online-driven platform for the sustainability of this development while also serving as an outreach-channel for Nigerians at home and in the Diaspora to freely download the electronic version (PDF) of this NED Policy Book.

Notably, the New Ekiti Dream Dream Initiative is NOT an Ekiti-centric project, rather, a national-centric one. The policy document is a socio-economic developmental model, targeted to be replicated, experimented and implemented in other Nigerian States sequel to their respective uniqueness and relatively to their structural peculiarity.


Jawolusi Oluwaseun Solomon


- To stimulate a sustainable transformational Agenda in Ekiti State

- To foster the active participation of the youths in the nation-building project.


- To ensure the sequential actualization of all the well-written developmental goals in this policy document.

- To canvass for a knowledge-driven global economy in Nigeria by blazing a trail for a Renaissance era in Ekiti State.


- Taking a collective responsibility: our duty as patriots is to ensure that capable leaders who can actualize these well-written long-term goals are installed in the place of governance.
- To replicate, experiment and implement this developmental model in other Nigerian States.


- This long-term socio-economic development plan is primarily dedicated to all the patriotic Ekiti Sons and Daughters (at home and in the Diaspora) who are passionately devoted to the growth and the diversification of the State’s economy.

- I also dedicate this NED Developmental Model to all the Nigerian citizens who are committed to the advancement of the Nation.

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